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Can Black Fungus Help Treat Diabetic Nephropathy

Can Black Fungus Help Treat Diabetic Nephropathy Black fungus is one type of mushroom commonly seen in China. Because of its good taste and rich nutrients, black fungus often appears in our dishes. As introduced by dietitians, this mushroom has the property of lowering high blood sugar. Well then, can black fungus help treat Diabetic Nephropathy?

Diabetic Nephropathy is caused by diabetes, so the key to treating this kidney disease is to control blood sugar. Black fungus contains some substances that can help lower high blood sugar. From this point, we can know this food can help treat Diabetic Nephropathy to some extent.

In addition to this health benefit, black fungus can also help bring many other benefits for patients with diabetic kidney disease.

1.Improve immune ability: Auricularian can prompt the formation of lymphocyte DNA and RNA. This can boost patients’ ability to fight against bacteria and virus. For patients with diabetic kidney disease, it is also very important to have a strong immune ability.

2.Regulate blood circulation: Because black fungus has the effect of anti-coagulation, anti-clotting and preventing platelet aggregation, it can help guarantee the smooth flow of kidneys. A normal blood flow can provide enough blood and oxygen for inherent kidney cells.

3.Reduce high blood pressure: Along with the onset of diabetic nephropathy, blood pressure increases easily. Black fungus just can help reduce high blood pressure to slow down the progression of kidney disease.

From the above analysis, we can know black fungus does help treat Diabetic Nephropathy. In fact, many other foods like bitter gourd can also help lower high blood sugar and manage complications for these kidney patients. If you are suffering from Diabetic Nephropathy and want to know more about foods to help treat this kidney disease, you can consult the doctor online or email to

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