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Is It OK to Eat Beet with Diabetic Nephropathy

Is it OK to Eat Beet with Diabetic NephropathyA healthy diet is very important for Diabetic Nephropathy patients’ health. If you eat unhealthy, the condition will get worse. Then, is it ok to eat beet with diabetic kidney disease?

According to the reliable data, beet is loaded with many elements, such as potassium, folic acid, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and so on. And some of the healthy benefits are concluded as follows:

Prevent anemia Normally, kidneys can secrete a hormone named EPO, which has close connection with red blood cells. However, in diabetic nephropathy, the “blood-cleners” will not be able to work normally. If you add this vegetable into your diet, it can help prevent anemia effectively. As it is rich in folic acid and iron.

Cardiovascular health Magnesium present in this fruit is proven to have effect of softening the blood vessel. In this way, it can help protect the body against heart disease.

Help with digestion and improve appetite

The ingredients of beet can promote gastrointestinal movement, besides, the dietary fiber can also promote cabsorption of zinc and other minerals.

Even if beet is endowed with the above healthy benefits, diabetic nephropathy patients also need to pay attention to the following tips:

1. The main constituent of beet is sugar. As diabetic kidney disease is a serious complication of diabetes, so patients should limit the intake of sugar strictly. Otherwise, the condition will continue to deteriorate.

2. If your medical report show high potassium level, it’s consumption should be limited. If not, there can be irregular heart beat.

In a word, it is ok to eat beet with diabetic nephropathy. However, how much they can eat is determined by their specific condition. If there is still anything uncelar, please email to immediately.

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