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Healthy Diet for Diabetic Kidney Disease

Healthy Diet for Diabetic Kidney DiseaseIn recent years, the incidence of Diabetic Kidney Disease is on the rise. If you have been diagnosed with this disorder, healthy diet plan will be a significant part of your life. It is beneficial to improve your quality of life.

At Kidney Service China, our nation's top experts specialized in Diabetic Nephropathy are dedicated to offering you personalized treatments with least side effects on your body. The following eating plan may be recommended to treat Diabetic Kidney Disease.

The intake of protein

Longstanding intake of high-protein diet can not only aggravate the high filtration of kidneys, but also increase the emergence of toxic nitrogen substances and retention in the body, which can lead to further damage of kidney. In general, the daily dietary protein should be 0.6-0.8 g/kg. Under the condition of nutritional therapy, controlling the daily protein intake of quality and quantity is helpful to the recovery of Diabetes and Stage 3 or Stage 4 CKD.

Supply of amino acids

Eat as much as necessary amino acid or supply kidney with amino acid.


When one is in low protein diet, sufficient supply of calory is significant in maintaining normal physiological needs. Intake 30-35 kcal/kg calory is a perfect choice per day. High-calory and low-protein foods, such as potato, sweet potato, yam, pumpkin and so on, is also helpful for the damaged kidney.


End-Stage Renal Disease are often accompanied with hypertension in a certain stage, and it is characterized by swelling(edema) or decreased urine output. The restriction of salt can effectively prevent the progression of complications.


When Diabetic Kidney Disease develop into End-Stage Renal Disease, patients may experience oliguria or even anuria. At this time, too much intake of water will impose heavy burden on kidneys and make symptoms worse. So the general quantity of water is the previous day's urine output and 500 ml.

Calcium and phosphorus

Kidney damage will decrease the excretion of phosphorus, and lead to the elevated content of phosphorous in the blood. And it will lower the synthesis of vitamin D3 and affect the absorption of calcium. The reduce of calcium can induce osteoporosis, so the ideal eating plan is to increase the content of calcium and decrease the content of phosphorus.

If you want more detailed list of healthy diet plan for Diabetic Kidney Disease, please Email us at

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