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Diabetes Type 2: How to Control the Progression of Kidney Damage

Q: I am 40 year old women and I am suffering from Diabetic type 2 since 2 years and I am also having hypertension since 10 years. I was over weight and I m taking metmorfin sr 850 for Diabetes. My blood sugar remains almost 130 to 140 and pps as 150 to 160. My blood pressure remains almost 120/80. But few days ago in the month of April 2013. I found protein in my urine and doctor said that it is Diabetic Nephropathy. So how can I control its progression and prevent to damage my kidneys please help.

A: Considering your kidney damage, you are suggested intake the high quality and low protein from egg white, pure milk, lean meat. Please do not eat the spicy foods, and do not drink the coffee, strong tea, sodas.

Actually the Kidney Disease patient, if the damaged renal tissues and nephrons can get repaired and the remaining kidney function can get protected, it is still likely to live a normal life.

As you know, when patients have the protein in urine problem,it means that there are inflammatory reaction in the kidneys. It will made the cells phenotypic changes. The phenotypic changes of cells are found to be important in renal sclerosis and interstitial fibrosis.

When the cells changed,the mesangial cells and the epithelial cells, endothelial cells will be damaged. The it will run into the renal fibrosis stage, if do not have a good treatment immediately, the creatinine level will be highly increased, and patients will have many complications.

For your present condition, our general treatment method is: clear your internal inflammatory factor, repair your damaged renal tissues and nephrons, block your renal fibrosis progressing and glomerulosclerosis, protect your remaining kidney function from further damage, adjust your poor internal environment. This is the only right way to save your kidneys.

You can tell me more detailed information and also send me your test reports. I am glad to offer more detailed suggestions.

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