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Suggestions for Diabetics with High Creatinine 2.24

Suggestions for Diabetics with High Creatinine 2.24High creatinine 2.24 reveals at least 50% of kidney function has been lost. For diabetics, kidney disease is one common complication. Compared with other types of chronic kidney disease, Diabetic Nephropathy may progress into kidney failure quickly, so we give out several suggestions that can help deal with diabetics’ high creatinine 2.24.

1. Keep blood sugar in normal range

High blood sugar is the underlying cause of kidney damage as well as other complications, so it is a must to keep blood glucose in normal range. Melbine, glipizide and insulin are common medications used to lower high blood sugar level. Of course, the dosage should change along with patients’ illness condition. Higher and lower dosage both can cause obvious side effects.

2. Take anti-hypertensive medicines if necessary

The onset of Diabetic Nephropathy is often accompanied by high blood pressure, which can accelerate the progression of kidney damage. If patients are tested out with high blood pressure, they should take correct medications to manage them. For diabetics, ACEI and ARBs are their preferred medicines, because they are also effective on reducing protein leakage.

3. Do moderate exercise regularly

Exercise is proven to be useful for controlling high blood pressure. For example, patients can walk for 30 minutes three times every week. This is also one effective method to prevent cardiovascular disease.

4. Develop a low-sodium, low-protein and sugar-free diet

A healthy diet plan can help protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues and manage diabetes-related complications. Low sodium, low protein and free sugar are the basic dietary requirements. The individual diet plan should modify along with patients’ illness condition.

5. Take correct medical therapy to rescue kidneys timely

Kidney damage can be reversed before end stage. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy combined with Tang Yikang can help treat diabetic kidney disease effectively. To learn more about these therapies, welcome to consult Doctor here.

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