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How Long Can I Live with GFR 28 in Diabetic Nephropathy

How Long Can I Live with GFR 28 in Diabetic NephropathyIn recent decades, Diabetic Nephropathy has become a leading cause of kidney failure. However, when the GFR declines to 28, how long can they live?

GFR is short for Glomerular Filtration Rate, which is commonly used to measure kidney function. Generally, the reasonable value is above 90ml/min for adults, and it can be worked out by getting serum creatinine, age, weight body and other indicators involved.

Diabetic nephropathy with GFR 28 indicates your illness condition has developed into stage 4 chronic kidney disease in which GFR ranges from 15ml/min to 29ml/min. Well, how long can diabetic kidney disease patients live with GFR 28?

To be fair, it is difficult for us to provide an accurate answer. As the their life expectancy is influenced by many factors, such as, the physical quality, symptoms, treatments, nursing care, lifestyle and so on. Even so, one thing is confirmed that the life span can be prolonged with timely treatments.

Nowadays, alternative therapies like dialysis and kidney transplant is used to extend the survival periods of patients. However, the huge cost, potential side effects, etc always make it an unwise choice.

Luckily, experts of our Kidney Service China have bring patients with good news. Compared with the aforementioned remedies, our characteristic treatments can not only help relieve the discomforts but also improve kidney function from the root cause.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy This natural remedy is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and advanced technology, and it can help increase renal function radically.

Clear Blood Pollution Therapy This therapy is aimed at treating the blood and removing toxins and harmful substances on the blood vessels so as to make kidneys work normal.

Any doubts about the life expectancy for diabetic nephropathy patients with GFR 28 or the above-mentioned treatments, you are always welcomed to leave us message to directly!

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