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What Causes Swelling (Edema) in Diabetic Kidney Disease

What Causes Swelling (Edema) in Diabetic Kidney DiseaseWhat causes swelling(edema) in Diabetic Kidney Disease? Why do most sufferers will present edema around the eyelid, face, both of the lower limbs or even systemic slight, moderate and severe swelling? Actually, this is related to the renal function.

Kidney is a major organ to discharge water in human body. When it was damaged, moisture inside the body can’t be successfully excreted, and the remained water in the body will promote the occurrence of swelling. The degree of edema can either be light or heavy. Light edema includes weight gain (recessive edema) or slightly swollen eyelids in the morning. In serious condition, there may be systemic edema, pleural effusion, peritoneal effusion or even tens of kilograms weight gain(severe swelling ).

Main causes of swelling (edema) for patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease:

1. The damage of immune system lead to the increased permeability of systemic capillary wall, which causes the water in the plasma seep into the interstitial space.

2. When Diabetes cause Kidney Disease, the blood flow of kidneys will reduce and lead to renal parenchyma ischemia or hypoxia. Accompanied with the increase of rein secretion. With the function of renin-angiotensin, adrenal cortex will secrete more aldosterone. And this will increase the reabsorption of water and sodium in the renal tubular and retention.

3. When there is Diabetic Kidney Disease, with the aggravation of this disorder, the leakage volume of protein increases gradually. Long-existing proteinuria will also aggravate the damage of kidney, which causes the formation of hypoproteinemia, and reduce the plasma colloid osmotic pressure, extracellular fluid stayed in the tissue space, consequently leading to swelling. In addition, hypoproteinemia can also lead to the decrease of effective blood volume and elevate the secretion of secondary aldosterone and antidiuretic hormone. Over time, the reabsorption of water and sodium rises, causing edema.

After getting to know the underlying causes of swelling (edema) in Diabetic Kidney Disease, we can take corresponding treatment to eliminate this problem. You can chat with our online doctor or Email us at for more information about treatment. Take care!

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