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How can I Lower My High Creatinine Level with Diabetes

How can I Lower My High Creatinine Level with DiabetesDiabetes is the most common cause of kidney disease all over the world. With the deterioration of patient's kidney function, his creatinine level would be progressively going up. Then, how can one lower high creatinine level with Diabetes?

The Relation between Diabetes and High Creatinine

There is a relation which exists between diabetes and increased creatinine level. Generally, this situation arises when Diabetes is there for a long time and not controlled. This condition is called Diabetic Nephropathy meaning kidney disease caused by diabetes.

Initially, this disease presents as protein loss in urine but with the progression of kidney damage, creatinine level becomes elevated. Without early treatment to reverse the damage, Kidney Failure would be the result and these patients need dialysis and kidney transplant.

How can One Lower My High Creatinine Level with Diabetes?

In order to slow down or even prevent further deterioration of renal function, the following steps can be helpful:

1. Have an impeccable control of blood sugar level (HbA1c<7%). Avoid taking drug which is not good for diabetes with kidney disease. You can consult with your diabetologist about this issue.

2. The blood pressure should be controlled to levels of 120/75 mmHg. ACE inhibitors or ARBs can be taken to if your 24h urinary albumin excretion is high, as these medications can help slow down deterioration of kidney function in a diabetic. No self medicines and no drugs with unknown effects.

3. Consult a dietician about right diet for your specific condition. Do not take excessive salt and protein 0.6-0.8g per day is suggested.

The above measures can help control high creatinine level. However, the root cause is due to damaged kidney function. Therefore, the crucial method is take early treatment to reverse the kidney damage so as to lower high creatinine fundamentally.

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