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Negative Oxygen Ion Therapy Is The Best Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment There are many methods for diabetes including drug therapy, negative oxygen ion therapy, dietary therapy and exercise therapy, etc. Different treatment has different focus. Generally speaking, negative oxygen ion therapy is the best treatment for diabetes.

Why is negative oxygen ion therapy best treatment method for diabetes?

Experts point out that taking some hypoglycemic drugs can reduce blood sugar in a short time, but long-term use will produce drug dependence, which will bring some side effects to people’s health. Compared with the side effects of drugs, negative oxygen ion therapy is a natural therapy. Natural treatment avoids the use of any factors that weaken the body's self-healing ability to treat diseases. It can effectively control blood glucose, so that diabetic patients can get rid of the pain of long-term medication to control blood glucose.

Negative oxygen ion therapy absorbs ecological negative ions which has negative potential. That it, there are extra electrons. The electrons are added to the free radicals. When free radicals are restored, that eliminates free radicals and then it turns into an oxygen molecules. Ecological negative ions are different from common negative oxygen iron. It is small diameter and high activity, which can directly pass through the human body blood brain barrier to eliminate active oxygen free radicals, inhibit lipid oxidation and so on. It can also improve the SOD enzyme activity, regulate vegetative nervous system and improve the acid environment, to enhance Na + / H + channel, promote glucose into the cells and improve glucose metabolism in cells. It is very useful for diabetes.

Negative oxygen ion therapy uses ecological negative ions as a natural factor to improve human health. It prevents diseases through improving the self-healing ability of human body. At the same time, diabetic patients who take hypoglycemic drugs or inject insulin for a long time can reduce the dosage of drugs and avoid the toxic and side effects of drug treatment after frequently inhaling ecological-level negative ions. Therefore, negative oxygen ion therapy is the best treatment method for diabetes.

Negative Oxygen Ion Therapy is newest and natural treatment for diabetes. If you want to know more information, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor.

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