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Treatment for Edema on Leg in Diabetes Patient

Diabetes is a systemic disease which is characterized as high blood sugar levels. Edema on leg in diabetic patients can signal an early kidney complication. Read on and find management and treatment for edema on leg in diabetes patients.

What causes edema on leg in diabetes patients?

Leg swelling in Diabetes is mainly attributed to the following two factors.

As kidneys are impaired, they are not able to work adequately to discharge the extra water and sodium from body, resulting in building up of water and sodium thus resulting in swelling. Swelling frequently affects the legs and feet due to gravity and circulatory complications. Moreover, as fluid retention increases, the kidneys must work harder to remove the fluid. Hence, it will elevate blood pressure.

Once capillaries in kidneys are damaged, they can not keep the proteins and red blood cells in blood. In Diabetes, a large amount of protein in urine may occur. If the protein level in blood is lower than that in body tissues, the fluid will infiltrate into subcutaneous tissue, leading to edema on leg.

Management and Treatment for edema on leg in diabetes patients

- Standing or sitting for a long time can make it harder for the heart muscle to pump blood up against gravity and out of legs. Changing position and resting with the legs elevated above heart level can help.

- Some diuretics will be prescribed to promote the fluid excretion from body. If fluid retention has elevated blood pressure, some medications for blood pressure is necessary.

- The patients should avoid taking too much salt and reduce its daily consumption to 3 gram per day.

- If uncontrolled, the fluid retention will spread to other parts. In severe case, the blood vessels may be flooded with fluid. It can cause difficult breath and even death. In this condition, a dialysis may be recommended to the patients with Diabetes.

Recommended Treatment

When the patients with Diabetes have serious swelling, it may imply they have had serious kidney injury. Kidney Service China recommends Micro-Chinese Medicine and Immunotherapy, which helps repair the damaged kidneys and lower high blood sugar level, controlling the root cause to edema on leg. This is the fundamental way to solve the symptoms caused by diabetes and kidney disorder.

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