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Treatment for Childhood Diabetes without Insulin Injection

Type1 Diabetes is a major type in Children Diabetes cases. In Type 1 diabetes it's the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas that are destroyed. Read on and find the treatment for childhood diabetes, except insulin injection.

Type1 Diabetes

The pathology of Diabetes type one is inadequate secretion of insulin due to the damage to islet cells. The causes of it include hereditary factor and environment factor which cause immune disorder. The abnormal immune response will cause damage to islet cells. If your son have done antibodies tests, there may be some autoimmune antibodies like GAD antibodies and ICA antibodies. These antibodies will attack the islet bata cells and damage its function of secreting insulin. In order to treat this disease, we should first repair the damaged islet cells and at the same time, regulate the immune system. Once the antibodies are removed and the immune disorder solved, the beta cells will gradually recover its function of secreting insulin.

Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes with Insulin Injection

- We should protect the remained Islet cells by Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has the function of expand the blood vessels and offer the enough blood and oxygen to pancrease, repair the damaged Islet cells, so that it can enhance the Islet’s function.

- The damaged islet cells caused by the anti-bodies in your son's body , to avoid the further attack of your pancrease. So we should clear the anti-bodies by plasmapheresis to stop the damage of the Islet cells .

- This disease is caused by the disorder of his immune system , he should adjust it to avoid the relapse by Immune adjustment . Such as Tang Yikang and Ma tengkang etc .

After this systematic treatment, you can expect that the injection of the insulin will be reduced. And if the curative effect is pretty good your children may have the chance to get rid of the insulin injection.

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