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Diabetes:Herbal Remedy VS Chemical Medicine to Control Blood Sugar Level

Using chemical medicine to control blood sugar level is like 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' for Diabetes patients. Because they help regulating blood sugar level, but they either damage kidney or the liver function.

This is also one reason why more than 60% Diabetic patients will end up with renal failure. For similar patients here in China, we would adopt herbal osmotherapy (applied externally) to promote pancreas islet station.

For example, insulin resistance comes from two aspects. One is that the pancreas islet can not secrete normal structure insulin. Another aspect is that the body cells become insensitive to insulin. These two factors lead to one result, which is low insulin utilization rate. Even though you may be taking diamicron to enhance insulin secretion, it is not tackling the disease. Promoting pancreas islet condition to rectify the disorder in pancreas islet (like degrading lipid capsular tissue), as well as enhancing cellular sensitivity is the treatment principle for similar cases. As to the complication of poor blood circulation on lower limbs (especially the feet), we adopt medicated foot bath to enhance the blood circulation.

Many complicatons do not have external symptoms, but they exist and dangerous. For example, long term diabetes damages heart artery (especially blood capillaries). Regulating blood sugar level, lowering lipid level, promoting blood circulation, preventing possible complication are all important for diabetic person. With your case, I also suggest patient with diabetes taking systematic treatment before serious complications occur.

Once we received a patient with Diabetes and in his condition, diabetes has already led to renal failure, and he is now on dialysis. After treatments, his generally health condition improved remarkably, and hopefully no complication from diabetes or renal disease will affect his life span.

So, if anybody has interest in this topic or have any questions on diabetes or control blood sugar level, you can leave a message below.

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