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Diabetes: High Creatinine Level, Low Potassium Level, Poor Appetite

Q: I am a diabetic. And what i suffered is High Creatinine Level, Low Potassium Level and poor appetite. I attach my medical report, please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks.

A: thanks for your inquiry. Here is my suggestions for you.

From your medical report, your creatinine level has been higher than the normal range, being 2.5mg/dl, while what makes me most upset is your potassium level, being 1.86mmol/l is a rather low level. If the Serum potassium level is too low, it is rather easy for the patient to show heart function insufficiency, hypotension, or even shock, so it is rather necessary to keep his potassium level to the normal range.

As for the cause of the lower potassium level, apart from the abnormal kidney function, the potassium can also get discharged with too much urine flows, at present, only depending on some Diet or medicine to supply the potassium level is not enough, in my opinion, you should take the intravenous supplement of potassiumand in the daily diet, give yourself more food rich in potassium.

As for your Diabetes, I think, it is rather necessary to control your blood sugar level to the normal range now. In your last test report, it is shown as 10%, which is a rather high leve. Normally, we should try our best to control it into around 6%-7%.

Speaking of your poor appetite, there are several reasons may be involved, the most important is that his kidney function is affected. Your kidney function now is in the insufficient condition. Kidney is with the function of filtrating the blood, that is abosorb the nutritious element in the blood by the renal tubule, and discharge the waste in the blood out of the body following the urine. When the kidney function is affected, the nutritious cannot be absorbed effectively, so the patient always show hungry.

However, for most kidney disease patient, their digestive function is also rather insufficient, and they cannot digest the food they take, in the Chinese medical, that is because of the weakness of the stomach as well as the spleen. For more information or follow-up, you are suggested to leave a message below.

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