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Diabetes: Small Left Kidney, Raised Texture, Less Sodium Level

Q: My ultrasound report says - left kidney is small in size and Raised texture on both kidneys.In Serum sodium test it is found that it is less than normal value.he has given medicines for the same. I did Consult to the local doctor.He has prescribed medicine for one week and asked to monitor her sugar level for the same time.

Kidney can adjust blood pressure, if the blood pressure become high, kidney can adjust the lumen of afferent arteriole and efferent arteriole, so blood perfusion in kidney can be less, and the blood circulation in capillaries around tubular can become less.

If this condition last for long, tubular cells can be withered due to short supply of blood and kidney will become like a stone, the differentiation between renal cortex and medulla become unclear, the echo can also increase.

As you know, renal tubular can reabsorb part of Na+ and concentrate the primary urine, when renal tubular gets impaired, patient's Na+ can be lost with too much urine output.

If we treat your condition, we would mainly adopt Chinese Herbal Medicine. There is special ingredients in Chinese medicine, and they can effectively dilate peripheral blood vessels, so blood pressure can come down naturally. Meanwhile, it can improve blood circulation in kidney, so those renal cells can be nourished again with the improvement of blood perfusion. For your condition, Chinese herbal medicine may help you get obvious improvement within 7-10days:

1. peripheral system, patient's face can flush, hand and foot can become warm, itching can alleviate, dry skin begin to sweat.

2. gastrointestinal tract system, patient's appetite can increase, intestinal wriggle can speed up, constipation can improve, bad mouth taste can disappear.

3. urinary system, cotton-like material and stone can be found in urine, urine smell, color and volume can improve.

4. central nerve system, sleep quality can increase, consciousness become clear.

Besides, we would give acupuncture, massage, cupping, enema, plasma exchange, immunoadsorption, because for Diabetes patient, which will help make a systemic effects for you.

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