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Limb Amputation and Diabetes

Limb Amputation and DiabetesPeople with diabetes are more likely to have limb amputated than other people. Each year, over half of all amputations in the United States are caused by diabetes mellitus and subsequent complications, with most being lower-extremity amputations. How to protect limbs in diabetes?

Limb amputation and Diabetes

People with diabetes have blood vessel disease, which reduces blood flow to the feet, and nerve disease, which reduces sensation in the feet. Together, these problems make it easy to get sores and infections that may lead to amputation. Most amputations are preventable with good foot care.

How to protect limbs in Diabetes?

Diabetes is one the leading causes of amputation of the lower limbs throughout the world. Good care of Diabetes will help prevent limb amputations.

- treating your underling diabetes. It will be the fundament to prevent the limb amputations. Some herbs help lower the blood sugar level naturally (share us with your details and we are glad to help find the herbs which works out for you. Contact Email: And Immunotherapy helps reverse the Diabetes via rebuilding a new immune system for patients.

- Wear clean socks every day.

- Quit smoking because it decreases the blood flow to the feet.

- Protect your feet by always wearing shoes that are the right size and that fit comfortably.

- Trim the toenails and never use anything sharp on the feet.

- Clean your feet each day with water and mild soap, then put lotion on them to keep the skin from cracking.

- All people who have diabetes should have foot check-ups as a part of their regular care routine.

Amongst people who have diabetes, amputations are reported to be 15 times more common than amongst other people. 50% of all amputations occur in people who have diabetes. Thereby, you are suggested to take good care of your feet, limb etc. And you can leave your message below and we are glad to find the personalized management for you to prevent the limb amputation.

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