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Diabetes: Sudden Increased Creatinine Level and Urine Output 600ml

Q: I am a diabetic and high blood pressure patient. My creatinine level is stabilized around 3.9mg/dl in the past and suddenly it's changing and reached up 11.5 mg/dl. So I feel very worried. My urine volume is sometimes as much as 600ml within 24hours. And during dialysis, about 2500 ml fluids is removed. Another chance for my condition is that I am feeling swelling on right legs and on face.Now I am on Dialysis and I have tried Chinese Therapy, such as Acupuncture.

A: thanks for your inquiry, sir. And i have to say I feel sorry about your medical conditions and I will try my best to give you some help and assistance as possible as I can.

You said about your sudden increase creatinine levels. Usually, there are some triggers should be responsible for this, such as intake or toxic-kidney medicines, acute infection, cold, Acute Kidney Failure etc. And it may also be a sign to tell a quick kidney function decline. Thereby, I suggest you to consult your doctor to find the cause of your increased sudden high creatinine level firstly. This will help you find the right treatment plan to control the creatinine level.

A good urine volume is a hope for treatment to work out. You said that during the dialysis, 2.5 liters of water is removed, while the urine volume now is still stabilizing around 600ml. It means there still plenty of functional nephrons in the kidney, you know the urine is the hope for the dialysis patient.

Acupuncture is a rather effective way to dredge the Meridians and the blood vessels. Whatever the acupoint or massage on the acupoints can very good for our health.

The new developed Chinese Herbal Medicine is also closely relative to the acupoint. However, what make it different is that conveying the element to the ill place through the acupoint, not via the needle. The element inner the medicine can be very effective in repairing the injured kidney cells, so that is rather helpful for the raise of the kidney function.

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