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Why Do Diabetics Drink More

Why Do Diabetics Drink MoreDiabetics often have four typical symptoms: drink more, urinate more, eat more, but become thin.

Today, we mainly introduce the reason that diabetics drink more.

Urinate more and drink more that is the most common symptom of diabetes, and it is reported that about 2/3 of diabetics have this problem. Why do we put more urination before more drinking? This is because more drinking is caused by more urination. That is to say, diabetics produce too much urine, so they have to drink more water to prevent thirsty.

As introduced by experts, diabetics' blood sugar increases, while high blood sugar has a big damage on the body. In order to protect itself, the body has to produce more urine to eliminate extra sugar that causes urine output to increase. These diabetics' urine amount may increase to 3,000~5,000ml. In severe cases, it may even rise to 10,000ml.

When a lot of fluid is lost via urine, patients will feel thirsty that urges them to drink more water. In conclusion, drinking more water for diabetics is due to more urination, and the root cause is high blood sugar.

How to alleviate diabetics' thirsty and control the above symptoms? The key is to control patients' blood sugar. As long as blood sugar keeps in the normal range, they can prevent diabetes symptoms and complications effectively.

Several tips can help to achieve this goal.

- Learn to monitor your blood sugar by yourself: As small and fast blood glucose meter uses more and more widely, diabetics can modify their hypoglycemic agents timely based on their illness condition.

- Take correct dosage of hypoglycemic drugs timely: sulfonylurea drug, biguanides, a glucosidase inhibitors, insulin, and so on, are commonly used to reduce patients' high blood sugar. Check with the doctor online to determine which medicine is useful for you.

- Do exercise regularly: Increase the physical activity level moderately that can improve the body's sensibility to insulin.

Consult the doctor online to learn more remedies to control blood glucose and ease your symptoms.

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