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Blood Sugar Goes Sky High with Type 2 Diabetes: What to Do

Blood Sugar Goes Sky High with Type 2 Diabetes: What to DoWhen blood sugar goes sky high, it means the fuel patients are using is much less than they are consuming. For people with Type 2 Diabetes, too high blood sugar can cause dangerous and life-threatening complications. From this point, we can know it is quite important to reduce high blood sugar level.

Type 2 diabetes

It is also known as noninsulin-dependent or adult-onset diabetes that occurs when the body resists the effects of insulin or can’t produce enough insulin to keep a normal blood glucose level. Once type 2 diabetes occurs, it can’t be reversed completely. If uncontrolled effectively, high blood sugar can attack various organs and systems such as heart, kidney, feet, eye, and so on.

Risk factors for blood sugar that goes sky high

Even though the risk factors for type 2 diabetes haven’t been understood fully, certain factors do increase glucose level in the blood. They are overweight, fat distribution in the abdomen, lack of exercise, unhealthy meal plan, drinking too much alcohol, the incorrect use of hypoglycemic agents, etc.

Methods to help reduce high blood sugar level for diabetics

Firstly, it is proven that regular exercise such as walking and jogging can help regulate high blood sugar, because it can help the body get the excess blood sugar out of the blood stream. However, exercise therapy should be a long plan to insist. Otherwise, its effect won’t be obvious.

Secondly, a scientific Food Therapy can also help reduce high blood glucose. Overeating or eating the wrong foods makes it harder to control blood sugar.

Lastly, take correct medications. Metformin, sulfonylureas, meglitinides, thiazolidinediones, insulin, and so on, are used commonly to decrease blood glucose and treat diabetes. Leave your blood sugar level in the form below, so Doctor here can determine what medication is good for you.

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