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Why Do Diabetics Have A Strong Urge to Urinate In The Morning

Why Do Diabetics Have A Strong Urge to Urinate In The MorningQuite a number of diabetics complain a strong urge to urinate in the morning. Sometimes, they even find bubbles and foam in the urine. Why do these patients have this problem? How to manage it?

Urgent urination is more likely to indicate diabetics’ blood sugar isn’t controlled very well. High blood sugar can cause big damage to the body. Then, the kidneys will try to produce more urine, in order to eliminate extra sugar from the body. Normally, kidneys can remove extra fluid in the daytime, but they need to work at night to excrete extra sugar when patients have elevated blood sugar level. This can cause kidneys to work harder and fail to work gradually.

When kidneys are attacked by high blood sugar, protein or albumin will leak into the urine, forming foamy urine and bubbles in urine. This symptom just reveals kidney damage. To protect kidneys from damage, diabetics should control their blood sugar actively, and several methods are helpful.

1. Develop a diet with low sugar or sugar free: To control high blood sugar, it is necessary to control their intake of sugar, so diabetics should avoid honey, white sugar, brown sugar, flour, sugar cane, sweet potato, big jujube, sugar beet, etc. If you want to get a food list to avoid in detail, you can email to

2. Take medications to reduce high blood sugar timely: At present, many medications such as insulin and Tang Yikang (TYK) can help manage blood sugar effectively. However, the medication prescription should depend on patients’ illness condition. Consult the doctor online to determine which medicine is helpful for you.

3. Do exercise regularly: Although no research has proven exercise have direct effect on reducing high blood sugar, it is indeed helpful for diabetics such as preventing and controlling high blood pressure.

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