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What Are the Causes of Increased Creatinine Level for Diabetics

What Are the Causes of Increased Creatinine Level for DiabeticsCreatinine is produced by muscles when they finish contracting, and this waste product is excreted by kidneys. For diabetics, increased creatinine level can help reveal some underlying disorders. Today, we are here to introduce the causes of high creatinine level for diabetics. This can guide doctors and patients to accept correct treatments.

Creatinine is generated from creatine, which is found commonly in our diet. In lab test, serum creatinine level is often used to indicate kidney function. High creatinine level is attributed to either the increase of creatinine formation or decline of creatinine excretion, and diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, is more likely to attack kidneys if uncontrolled effectively. Today, we are here to introduce several factors that may cause high creatinine level for diabetics.

1. Strenuous exercise or overwork

Both of them can cause much muscle contraction, resulting in more creatinine production. In this case, the elevated creatinine level is temporary, and diabetics don’t need to worry, because it will come down spontaneously.

2. Eat too much meat

Meat usually contains creatine, so if people eat too much meat one time, their creatinine level may increase to some extent. Then, when patients develop a vegetarian diet, their creatinine level will decline.

3. Kidney damage

In fact, this is the most common and dangerous cause of high creatinine level for diabetics. If blood sugar is uncontrolled well, it may attack kidney filtering system, resulting in proteinuria, high bood pressure and kidney damage. When more than 50% of kidney function is lost, patients’ creatinine level will increase.

4. Decreased blood flow into kidneys

Drinking too little fluid and dehydration can cause less blood to flow into kidneys, leading to decrease in the filtration and clearance of creatinine. Therefore, less creatinine is discharged out of the body.

Now, we have known the causes of increased creatinine level for diabetics. Different causes need different management. If you want to know how to decline your creatinine level, you can have a further talk with doctor online.

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