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How to Treat Water Retention in Diabetes Patient

Treat Water Retention in DiabetesWater retention is one typical sign of diabetes or when kidneys are involved in diabetes. Water retention, or swelling, in legs, feet, hands, or face must affect patients’ life quality largely. In this case, diabetics must want to know know to treat their water retention.

What causes water retention for diabetes patient?

Diabetes is one condition in which uncontrolled elevated blood sugar can cause poor blood circulation to some tissues. This can lead extra fluid to accumulate in the body, especially in loose tissues.

Swelling is often associated with Diabetic Nephropathy which is attributed to long-term diabetes. Kidneys are great excretory organs that are responsible for eliminating extra fluid. When kidneys are damaged, extra fluid will retain in the body and cause swelling.

Additionally, some diabetes medications such as Actos and Avandia may also be the reason for water retention.

How to treat water retention in diabetes patient?

From the above analysis, we can know the causes of this problem. In view of this, some corresponding methods may be helpful.

1. Limit the intake of fluid and sodium: This method can help prevent water retention from worsening. Consult your doctor or doctor online to determine how much water and sodium you can take in every day.

2. Reduce the dosage or even stop your diabetes medications: If your edema is due to your medications, try to find out which medicine causes this problem and then choose an alternative medicine.

3. Protect your kidneys: If your water retention is accompanied by high blood pressure and proteinuria, it means your kidneys are damaged. In this case, the urgent thing you need to do is to protect your remaining kidney function and reverse your kidney damage timely. Otherwise, you may miss the best chance to avoid kidney failure.

Since the words here are limited, we are unable to list our suggestions one by one. If you want to get more home remedies or medical treatments to relieve your water retention, you can contact us through emailing to

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