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Diabetes: How Many Calories Can I Take

A proper Diet helps improve the life quality of diabetics. How many calories can Diabetic take? The amount of calory of patients with diabetes is associated with body size, gender, age, hight, weight, activity level and other conditions.

Estimate Your Target Calories

If you happen to be a patient with Diabetes, your target calories = target body weight * your activity level.

Thereby, you, first all, need to figure out your target body weight and your activity level.

How to find target body weight for patient with Diabetes?

According to the formular, the target body weight = hight(cm)-105

For example, if you are 180cm, your target body weight should be 180-105=75kg.

How to figure out the activity level for patients with Diabetes?

Activity Level slim figure(Kcal/KG) normal figure(Kcal/KG) fat figure(Kcal/KG)
Stay in Bed 20~25 15~20 20~25
Mild Activity 35 25~30 20~25
Moderate Activity 40 35 30
Heavy Activity 40~45 40 35

According to the chart, you can figure out how many calories you need per day, after getting the target body weight. If you still feel puzzled, please consult our free online service or learn more the following example.

Case Analysis

David, male, 56 years old, who is 170cm and 68kg, works as accountant. He suffered from Diabetes for 4 years and get treatment and Diet Management currently and has’t found any complications yet.

His Target Weight=170-105=65kg

According to David’s basic info, we can know: he has a normal body size and take mild activity, thereby his calories intake should follow 30Kcal/Kg. And we can find his final calories is 30*65=1950Kcal

Getting your target calory will help you and your doctor to arrange a specific Diet for you. If you can get a calory food list, it will help you manage a better life. If you cannot, you can email to or leave a message below to get an answer.

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