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Can Diabetics Take Cranberry Capsules

Can Diabetics Take Cranberry CapsulesCranberry capsules, or cranberry pills, are natural drugs and supplements composed of cranberry extra. Because it contains rich vitamin C, flavonoids, salicylic acid and many other nutritions, it has many health benefits. However, diabetics are recommended to eat fruits carefully. Thereby, can diabetics take cranberry capsules?

As for the answer, different doctors and dietitians hold different opinions.

Some doctors and dietitians believe cranberry capsules are good for diabetics.

Diabetes is one disorder that can cause a series of complications and damage to various organs. Therefore, if blood sugar isn’t under control, high blood pressure, Diabetic Nephropathy, infections and high cholesterol level may appear. Thereby, the key to treating diabetes is to control blood sugar.

A study published in 2008 reported that unsweetened cranberry enabled diabetics to prevent an obvious rise in blood sugar levels. Besides, because cranberry capsules are abundant in antioxidants, they are able to help lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Some other doctors and dietitians claim diabetics should stay away from cranberry capsules.

They think diabetics are required to consume any fruit carefully, because most fruits contain too much sugar. Cranberry juice also tastes very sweet, so diabetics should avoid cranberry capsules. Otherwise, it may become difficult to monitor their blood sugar levels when taking cranberry pills.

Additionally, cranberry capsules may cause some side effects for diabetics. They are allergic reaction, kidney stone, interaction with some drugs, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, frequent urination, and so on. Therefore, they recommend diabetics not to take cranberry capsules.

Since different doctors have different answers, diabetics should weigh the benefits against side effects before taking it. If you have diabetes and want to take this pill, you had better consult your doctor or doctor online firstly. Then, you can know how to take it healthily.

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