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Chocolate Pudding for Patients with Diabetes and Dialysis

Chocolate Pudding for Patients with Diabetes and DialysisChocolate pudding is one common snack in our daily life, and many people love it very much. For patients with diabetes and dialysis, can they still eat chocolate pudding freely? Do you know the answer?

The answer may make you disappointed. In other words, diabetics who have kidney disease and do dialysis are suggested to control the intake of chocolate pudding. There are several reasons.

The first one is that most chocolates taste very sweet, because they contain rich sugar. Excessive sugar intake can make blood sugar difficult to control. Therefore, diabetics are recommended to eat unsweetened chocolates rather than sweetened ones.

The second one is that chocolate puddings have one specific stimulating substance to gastric acid. Quite a number of dialysis patients suffer from poor appetite. In this case, chocolate may affect their appetite. Besides, chocolate contains rich fat but less dietary fiber that impacts patients’ digestive system. Thereby, dialysis patients will be at higher risk of constipation.

The third one is that eating too much chocolate pudding may lead to headache and high blood pressure. Tyramine appearing in the chocolate pudding is one active acid, which can stimulate the body to produce hormones for shrinking blood vessels, so as to raise blood pressure. In this condition, blood vessels try to expand for fighting against this shrinkage effect. Finally, annoying headache occurs.

The last reason is the abundant potassium, sodium and phosphorus in the chocolate pudding. Because dialysis is unable to work as effectively as healthy kidneys, some potassium, sodium and phosphorus may accumulate in the blood and cause some problems. Therefore, patients with diabetes and dialysis should control their intake of chocolate pudding.

As the above mentioned, we can know chocolate pudding may bring some adverse effects for diabetics on dialysis, but this doesn’t mean these patients can’t eat a little chocolate pudding any more. However, before eating it, make sure you have weighed its benefits against its side effects. Anything unclear, welcome to ask help from the doctor online.

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