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Constipation Remedies for Dialysis Patient with Diabetes

Constipation Remedies for Dialysis Patient with DiabetesSome people with Diabetes on dialysis may have the problem of constipation. It is a disorder of the digestive and intestinal systems, in which a person has less than three bowel movements per week. Here are some natural remedies that can be followed to treat this condition.

Increase your fluid intake

The amount of fluid people with Diabetes on Dialysis can safely drink will depend on the amount of urine they make. Those who continue to make a large amount of urine can drink more. The commonly recommended fluid intake is around 1,000-1,500ml (33-50 ounces). If you are not sure the best water intake in your situation, feel free to Email us at with your disease condition. Our kidney experts will analyse and reply you soon with the answer!

Do exercises regularly

A physically active person has a better circulatory and digestive system that helps the body to perform the functions of excretion more efficiently. Check with your doctor before you begin any type of program so you know your condition is stable.(Dialysis: What Kind of Indoor Exercises are Proper)

Other home remedies for constipation in dialysis patients with Diabetes

▪ Follow a fiber-rich diet that includes fruits and vegetables.

▪ Change lifestyle and develop the habit of early sleeping and early rising.

▪ While cooking, use turmeric powder, coriander, etc, which make the food easily digestible.

▪ Drink two or three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with water every morning on an empty stomach.

▪ Consume half cup freshly extracted cabbage juice twice a day, to ease bowel movements.

These natural and home remedies, which have no side effects, can help relieve constipation for dialysis patients with Diabetes. Remember, to reduce the quantity of alcohol and caffeine from the diet. Avoid high fat and junk food. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

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