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Can Cupping Help Kidneys

Can Cupping Help KidneysSpeaking of cupping, we all know it is a Traditional Chinese Method of causing partial congestion and it has been practiced for thousands of years for the treatment of diseases and pain. Nowadays, more and more kidney disease patients are curious: can cupping help kidneys?

The answer is yes. Actually, kidney damage can be caused by many diseases like hypertension, diabetes, infection and so on. No matter which cause, they all can lead to ischemia and anoxia. Once the kidneys cannot get enough blood and oxygen, damage will result. Therefore, it is important to improve the ischemia and anoxia. Fortunately, cupping can help kidney disease or kidney failure patients improve renal function and ease some symptoms through the following ways:

1. Promote whole body’s blood circulation

By the way of venting, it will produce negative pressure in the cup which makes the flange of the cup attach the surface of skin firmly. This pressure pulls the nerves, muscles, blood vessels and subcutaneous glandular, causing a series of reaction of endocrine system and nerves. The cupping is able to regulate the vasomotor function and the permeability of blood vessel walls so as to improve your whole body’s blood circulation.

2. Remove toxins in the body

Negative pressure holds very powerful suction force which makes sweat pores fully open. For this, the function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands is stimulated and strengthened and the senescent cells of skin surface, which makes the toxins and wastes removed quickly. So, enough oxygen can reach to our body and patients will feel better in life within this method.

In addition, more systemic treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be your best options. It treats kidney disease without surgery, pain and side effects. The medicines in the treatment can help dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix and so on.

If you want to improve your renal function naturally, you can attach your test reports to and you will get individualized suggestions within 48 hours.

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