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Can Acupuncture Help the Kidney Function

Can Acupuncture Help the Kidney Function Improving kidney function is an very important and urgent thing for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure. In most western countries, steroids therapy is widely used to relieve related symptoms. In China, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we do mainly use natural treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here we will talk about Acupuncture help renal function.

1. What is the Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicines and has been practiced there for thousands of years. Our belief is that the treatment can help to optimise the functioning of the organs. It is based on the theory that energy, called Chi, flows through and around your body along pathways. If you want to know whether you can use it or not, please attache your test reports to and we will provide the individualized treatment plan.

2. How does it help kidney function?

-Dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation

Through unblocking stagnation, acupuncture is helpful for dredging meridian and promoting blood circulation so as to increase blood flow and supply to the kidneys. In the condition, some symptoms of kidney disease like pain, numbness, swelling, high blood pressure can be well controlled or even relieved.

-Discharge extra wastes and toxins

Acupuncture can regulate endocrine disorders and accelerates metabolism so as to remove the excess waste which is accumulating in the body, resulting in the alleviation of illness condition, such as edema. In addition, it also can help increase urine output so that wastes can be removed by urination.

-Reduce high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure (hypertension) is one of leading causes of kidney damage. Controlling blood pressure has a significant role in preventing kidney damage. Acupuncture can help control it, because there are certain acupuncture points that can help control and stabilize blood pressure.

-Strengthen immune system

Long-term or severe kidney damage will affect patients’ immunity. Immune system can be strengthened by acupuncture. And a strong immune system is helpful for preventing other diseases.

Through the above analysis, we can see that acupuncture can help patients treat many discomforts. While, it’s my duty to tell you it is not enough to reverse serious damage. If it can cooperate with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or Immunotherapy, the curative effective will be more better.

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