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Can Osmotherapy in China Help Stage 4 CKD with GFR 18

Can Osmotherapy in China Help Stage 4 CKD with GFR 18Stage 4 CKD patient whose kidney function or GFR has dropped to a mere 18% are likely to be facing Kidney Failure soon. At this stage of renal disease, early treatment is very important to stop the progressing of the disease and improve the kidney function. Can Osmotherapy in China help Stage 4 CKD with GFR 18?

If you would like to get personalized advice, feel free to chat with our online doctor! Actually, the exact answer can only be given after analysing each patient's detailed illness condition. Generally, under the treatment of Osmotherapy, Stage 4 CKD patient's kidney function can be improved to 20%-30%.

Osmotherapy in China is a suitable treatment for people with Stage 4 CKD and GFR 18. It can function to expand the blood vessels, promote the blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys. In addition, it has effects of inhibiting inflammation, anti-coagulation, degrading immune complex deposits and ECM and blocking renal fibrosis process. You can refer to this video to understanding how it is used 'Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy'.

The treatment effect can be seen after one week's treatment. Patient's sleep and appetite will be much better. The urine coloe and smell will be strong and flock-like materials will be discharged out in the urine. Patient will have sweat in palm and the face will be ruddy.

Early treatment is the key to better improvement of kidney function. Why? Since we have one million nephrons in each kidney. For example, about 10 glomeruli die every day, one will lose 300 glomeruli in a month. The dead glomeruli cannot be healed, and they can not become alive again. Even though the patient cannot feel the disease's deterioration, but it is progressing. That's why we recommend patient with Stage 4 CKD and GFR 18 to receive treatment early.

Hope the above introduction can be helpful for you. If you still have any question about Stage 4 CKD with GFR 18 management, please leave a message in the below or email us at Good luck!

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