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Stage 4 CKD with 28% Kidney Function: Is Transplant a Good Choice

Stage 4 CKD with 28% Kidney Function: Is Transplant a Good Choice"I am 46. Have had Diabetes for 25 years and not in Stage 4 CKD. My kidney function is at 28%. Is Kidney Transplant a good choice for me? I will happy to know if there is an alternative treatment. Thanks you so much!" For people in similar case with this patient, you can refer to analysis as below. Hope it helps! Or, feel free to chat with our online doctor for personalized advice to your recovery.

Stage 4 CKD means that there is not enough kidney function for normal health and patient need renal replacement therapy like Kidney Transplant.

Currently, there are over 96,000 people on the transplant waiting list. The average waiting time for a kidney is 3-5 years. Even with a successful operation, there is still risk of rejection. If rejection happens, dialysis or a second transplant is needed. So transplantation is not a cure.

Given your description, kidney damage is closely associated with Diabetes. Your remaining kidney function is 28%, and it is full of hope to avoid dialysis or transplant. Corresponding treatment includes two parts:

1. Control the primary condition and complication well such as Diabetes, high bp, etc. In general, suggested HbA1c is 6.5% and BP is 120/75 mmHg. Besides, manage blood lipid well and maintain electrolyte balance.

2. Treating kidneys directly by improving the blood circulation inner the kidney, removing the blood stasis fundamentally, repairing the injured kidney cell, and restore the renal function. For more details, please refer to 'Natural Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Disease'.

For Stage 4 CKD with 28% kidney function, your kidney damage has not progressed to the irreversible stage. Once your kidney function can be preserved and improved, you can avoid kidney transplant successfully. You can send your detailed disease condition to email: After analysis your condition, we will reply you soon with more suggestions. Take care!

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