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How Long Can CKD Stage 5 People Live Without Dialysis

How Long Can CKD Stage 5 People Live Without DialysisStage 5 of CKD is always considered as the most advanced stage of kidney disease. Dialysis is usually suggested when people enters this stage. How long can CKD stage5 people live without dialysis? This question tortures many people, after all, it cannot be avoided that a certain amount of fear is associated with the end stage of Kidney Disease.

It is hard to offer a standard answer for it really gets many individual conditions involved. However, if you can really do everything which helps fight against the adverse effects of advanced kidney disease, surely you can increase the lifespan and life quality remarkably.

However, if we have no idea about your medical conditions, it is even hard for us to give you a rough answer about how many years can your life without dialysis. If you want a personal answer, you are suggested to send your basic info and medical condition to to our easy and free Nephrologists.

Even though we still find two major factors which play the two leading most important role in CKD stage 5 life expectancy, namely your symptoms and your treatment choice.

There are different symptoms presentation in different CKD patients, such as Back Pain, skin itching and difficult to breath etc. The most serious symptom is known as “uremia”. In detail, when kidneys cannot work well, the waste products and excessive water will build up in the body, which may get the internal organs, such as heart, lung etc, poisoned. And the diseased internal organs take dramatic adverse effects on patient’s adverse effects. According to the report, the severe symptoms may kill CKD patients before the Kidney Damage itself.

Your treatment choice is another factor which can change how long you live with CKD stage 5. Dialysis is a suggested solution for the condition of severe damage to kidneys. If you stop dialysis, your possible lifespan may range from several weeks to years, due to your own conditions. However, surely, if you can take proper treatment which can help improve kidney functions, surely you can live a longer life than your expectation. Stage 5 without Dialysis never means a death sentence, as long as you can make a good management of your symptoms and treatment.

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