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Must I Have Dialysis If in CKD Stage 4 and Diabetes

CKD Stage4 is a severe kidney condition in which patients may need renal replacement therapies, such as Dialysis. If you happen to be a patient with diabetes, you are more likely to need dialysis early.

Read on and fine the answer of “when dialysis is a necessary choice?” and see if your CKD stage4 and diabetes is in similar condition.

When Dialysis is a necessary choice?

Dialysis is used when the waste products and excessive fluids build up in the blood, which causes the patient sick. Doctor will use some lab tests to measure the toxic levels in your blood and decide whether dialysis is a must for you.

The common measuring tests named blood urea nitrogen (High BUN Levels?) and serum creatinine (High Creatinine Level?). Both of them indicate the kidney ability to remove the waste products.

By comparing the blood and urine level of this substance, the doctor has an accurate idea of how well the kidneys are working. Doctor calls this result” as creatinine clearance.

Generally speaking, when this result is lower than 12cc/m, dialysis is needed for patients.

Must I Have Dialysis if in CKD 4 and Diabetes?

As mentioned above, to decide whether you need dialysis or not, you are suggested to take further tests to get the final result of creatinine clearance.

If you have no idea about your creatinine clearance, your doctor may also use other indicators to get an evaluation of your medical conditions. GFR is an alternative test to creatinine clearance.

Usually, if you GFR is less than 15mg/dl, you needs dialysis. CKD stage 4 means a condition in which the GFR is between 15~29mg/dl. However, if you still have other severe symptoms or complications, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem or lung disease, your doctor may suggested to take dialysis earlier, even though your GFR or creatinine clearance is not so low.

Thereby, if you happen to be a person with CKD stage 4 and Diabetes, it is okay to say that you are potential to need dialysis. However, if you need an exact answer, I need your medical report. You can mail it to and I am glad to help.

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