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Can Stage 4 CKD Be Reversed

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be divided into five stages. In stage 4 CKD, the kidneys are damaged seriously and are less efficient to remove toxins and wastes, thus resulting in a myriad of symptoms. If the condition keeps progressing, dialysis will be required soon. Can stage 4 CKD be reversed?

Frankly speaking, stage 4 CKD can not be reversed. However, if treatment is adopted in time, it can delay the condition progression and improve the current renal function to some extent.

In stage 4 CKD, you may develop high blood pressure, anemia, proteinuria etc. Usually, the doctors prescribe some medications to control these symptoms and ask you to prepare for dialysis. However, medicines alone are not enough to control the condition at all. You can feel you become weaker and weaker. Finally, you have to be hooked up to dialysis.

How to improve the renal function in stage 4 CKD?

As mentioned above, in stage 4 CKD, your kidneys are damaged seriously. In order to improve renal function, you should firstly restore your kidney structure. As for the completely necrotic kidney tissues, it is not possible to reverse them. However, the injured kidney tissues can be reversed.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy plays a vital role in treating stage 4 CKD. It is an external therapy, in which the medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesions through kidney area directly. So it is free of side effects of traditional Chinese herbs completely.

The effective medicines can dilate blood vessels in kidneys to increase blood supply to kidneys. If more blood is filtered by kidneys, more wastes will be filtered out.

What’s more important, the medicines are rich in different types of nutrients which are required for the self-repairing of impaired cells and tissues. The active medicines can activate the self-repairing system in kidneys to stimulate the restoring of the impaired kidney structure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can restore kidney structure and improve renal function in stage 4 CKD. It can stop the disease progression and help the patients avoid dialysis.

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