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Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for CKD with Anemia

Recently, we recieven an email from a guy from America who consulted about his father Chronic Kidney Disease with Anemia. This reply latter talkes about the Chinese Medicine and Western medicine for CKD with anemia for your consideration.

I read your father's test reports. His condition is not that serious to start dialysis. His electrolytes are well controlled and anemia has not appeared yet. But his blood iron is already low. It is early sign of anemia. If he doesn't have serious symptoms like nausea, vomiting, edema or hard breathing, dialysis is unnecessary. Actually, if the patient starts Dialysis early, the incidence rate of cardiovascular disease is higher.

For his condition, the treatment I recommend is combined therapy of both Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Firstly, I suggest systematic blood purification. It is not hemodialysis, but Chinese medicine include Chinese herb bath therapy, Foot bath therapy, Acupuncture and clysis. These methods can all improve blood circulation and remove the toxins level out of body. It has no side effect, but can effectively lower the toxins level. After the treatment, the creatinine and blood urea will be lowered down. I attached a picture explaining why foot bath therapy is effective, because there are reflection area of kidneys on the bottom of the foot.

Secondly, it is necessary to regulate his immune system and remove the extra celluar matrix deposited in his kidneys. The treatment therapy is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. After one week's treatment, we can see floc-like things discharged out in urine. These things are what caused renal firbosis and shrinking of the kidneys.

Thirdly, I suggest medicine to repair the damaged kidney cells. Oral taking herbal medicine will be given. Some medicine like Danshen can improve the blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys. After the blood and oxygen supply in the kidneys is sufficient, the self renewal of the damaged cells will be reactivated, thus recovering the kidney function.

Your father needs scientific and systematic treatment. Dialysis and kidney transplant are the last options, not the top options.

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