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Can Dialysis Cause Shortness of Breath

Can Dialysis Cause Shortness of BreathDialysis is used for many patients with Kidney Disease, especially with Kidney Failure or ESRD to replace the kidney and sustain the patient’s life. However, dialysis also causes some side effects and complications. Can dialysis cause shortness of breath? Read on and you will find the answer by yourslef in this article.


In clinic, dialysis is primarily used to provide an artificial replacement for lost kidney function due to the Kidney Failure in which your own kidneys can no longer take care of your body’s needs.

Dialysis will help your kidneys to remove the waste, salt and extra water to prevent them from buiding in the body. However, it also shows many side effects.

Can Dialysis Cause Shortness of Breath?

The answer is, unluckily, yes. Shortness of breathing is mainly caused by two factors in patients with dialysis.

Dialysis Side Effects

As mentioned above, dialysis can show many side effects, such as muscle cramp, stroke, fluctuant blood pressure etc. Also shortness of breathing is also a side effect of dialysis.

Kidney Damage

Dialysis is for patients whose kidney damage stays in an advanced stage, which includes CKD stage 4 and stage 5. Healthy kidneys can function to cleanse out the wastes and toxins in blood.

However, in dialysis patients, their kidneys are not working well. As a result, the toxins will deposit in the blood. Over time, it can cause various damage to your health and you can feel many symptoms and complication, including trouble breathing.

To deal with the shortness breathing, your doctor can find many emergency managements to make you safe. However, you need to remember two guidelines:

- call your doctor as soon as possible during or after dialysis, if you feel difficulty breathing

- only management on the breathing difficulty is not enough. You have to find the treatment which can replace the dialysis and help you avoid the side effect of dialysi.

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