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How to Avoid CKD Develop into Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Disease will develop into kidney failure eventually, if there is no a good control on the kidney damage. How to avoid CKD develop into Kidney Failure?

The management which helps prevent CKD from kidney failure aims to improving kidney function and reversing the kidney damages. Many ways help make the achievement, including medical treatment, Diet, Exercise, emotional stress.

Medical Treatment

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a traditional Chinese form which has been established since the period of Ancient China. More than hundreds of herbs, plants, fruits, roots, leaves etc can work as medical use. As it is a natural remedy, thereby, it rarely shows side effects. This makes it a good choice for patients with Chronic Disease and a perfect alternative for children patients.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is suggested here for it can help improve the self-cure ability of damaged kidneys cells, thus to repair the damaged parts and improve kidney functions.

When kidney functions can be improved or maintain in a not-low level, CKD patients can avoid entering into Kidney Failure stage.

Different patients asks for different herbs. Even though for patients with similar CKD stage, the herbs will vary from person to person due to the different age, race, gender and symptoms etc. And the herbs will be added or cut down from the herbal formula as the medical conditions change.

The common herbs for CKD may include Couch grass, Green tea, Java tea, rehmannia, uva ursi, bearberry, corn silk, dandelion, stinging nettle, marsh mallow, parsley root, gravel root etc.

If you need, you can leave your medical report below or to email And we are glad to find the herbs which work for you.

Healthy Living

Besides medical treatment, a healthy living will also help slow down the progression of CKD and prevent Kidney Failure.

You are suggested to take a personal diet which may require low-salt, low protein and low fat foods. Exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming are good choice. (is you favorite sport a good choice? Get an answer from our free experts by leaving your message below). Talk more with your doctors and managing a good emotion also play a important role to prevent Kidney Failure.

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