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Massage Can Bring Your Kidney A Favourable Turn

As we all know, kidney disease can bring the patient abundant of sufferings, the patients are eager to find a immediate treatment to relieve their sufferings, however, the normal treatment are similarly disappointing, kinds of side effect can occur during the treatment, so finding a convenient as well as favourable treatment the dream for lots of kidney disease patient.

You know the kidney disease is actually a course of blood circulation get congested inner the kidney, the kidney consists of millions of nephrons, and in a nephron, of which the main part is the glomeruli, and a glomeruli is a small roll of blood vessel, so we can say that the kidney is made of by millions of rolls of blood vessels, so when the blood circulation inner the kidney is congested, it can cause the insufficient of blood supplement inner the kidney tissue, you know the kidney cells are nourished by the sufficient blood and oxygen, when the blood circulation is affected, the kidney cells will be in a condition of of dysfunction.

In this case we can see that any treatment which can improve the blood circulation inner the kidney, and offer sufficient blood and oxygen to the kidney cells will be rather effective for reliving the condition of kidney function in sufficiency.

There is a rather simple massaging treating method, which is rather simple, however, can do some help for the low-function-condition. Here I want to share with the kidney disease patients.

The Massage on the waist:

step 1. first you need to find the two acupoints correctly, they are on your kidney area, at the two sides of your spine, you can find two hollow area. Rub your two hands until feel warm, press the two acupoints, push inside towards the spine. Do the movement continuously for 50-100 times.

Step 2. Rub the two acupoints with the root of your palms, with the proper strength, until he feel warm and relaxed on the area.

step 3. Make a soft fist, knock the two acupoints slightly, for about 5 minutes.

For the waist massage, you can take for two times each day....

The Feet Massage:

Every night, before you go to sleep, take a foot bath, the temperature of the water should be around 42 centigrade, the duration of the bath should be about 40 minutes.

after the bath, take the feet massage.

There are also two acupoints on the feet, they are at the middle of the soles, you can also find a hollow area there, that is the acupoint, you can rub the acupoint for about 5 minutes. and you can feel relaxed all over the body

If you want more detailed treating suggestions about the massage, please let me know.

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