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Risk of Kidney Transplant In Stage 4-5 CKD

There are similar risks of other surgery will happen during kidney transplant. For patients with CKD stage4~5, the risks seems more likely to happen in them.

Risks of Kidney Transplant in Stage 4~5 CKD

- Death: Less than 1% (1 in 3,000) in Kidney Disease patients. However, the risk will surely increase in patients with advanced Kidney Disease stage. However, it is extremely rare for a patient to die during transplant surgery. If it occurs, it would likely be a complication of anesthesia rather than the surgery itself. And the potential causes for death may include cancer, infection and heart problem etc.

Transplant patients with vascular disease, who are older (above 60), obese, smoke, or have preexisting heart disease face increased mortality. The five-year survival of diabetic patients with a transplant is 75% to 80%, while it is only about 30% with dialysis.

Unluckily, there is no perfect treatment for CKD stage4~5. Each treatment has its own risks. However, natural remedy may cost the least risk and many herbs help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function, which cannot be achieved by most chemical drugs or therapies. Get a herb list for Kidney Failure by contacting

- Potential for a blood transfusion due to blood loss in the operating room and related risk for the transmission of infectious diseases from a blood donor.

- Kidney Failing in the first year. The national average rate is 5~10 in common kidney disease patients.

- Increased risk of cancer, particularly skin cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

- Rejection of donated kidney. When a kidney is transplanted into a new body, the immune system will protect against the kidney with foreign substances. And the immune system may attack the transplanted organ, causing the organ failing.

The risk of kidney transplant differ from each other. You can leave your details below and we are glad to make an elevation of your kidney transplant risk within 48 hours.

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