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Avoid Dialysis with Stage 4 CKD and Creatinine 5.2

Stage 4 CKD, means a medical condition in which GFR ranges from 15~29. High creatinine level 5.2 is the result of waste products building up, due to the kidney function decline. When your GFR is less than 15, dialysis may be recommended.

Avoid Dialysis in CKD Stage4

Chronic Kidney Disease is divided into 5 stages according to the GFR levels as follows:

- stage 1 (GFR≧90)

- stage 2(GFR: 60~89)

- stage 3 (GFR: 30~59)

- stage 4 (GFR: 15~29)

- stage 5 (GFR: <15)

GFR which is the test to figure how well your kidney work and it is also a major factor for your doctor to evaluate whether dialysis is necessary or not. Generally speaking, if your GFR is less than 15, in other words, kidney damage develops into stage5, you are suggested to be on Dialysis.

Dialysis works to replace the kidneys to remove the excessive water and waste products from the blood. In normal conditions, healthy kidneys can do it naturally. However, when kidneys are damaged, it loses its function gradually.

How to avoid dialysis with CKD stage 4?

Dialysis works to replace the functions of kidneys to remove the toxins. As long as we can refresh the kidneys, the kidneys will function better. When kidney functions can be improved higher than 15%, dialysis will be not necessary.

How to improve kidney functions(how to improve GFR naturally)?

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Some specific herbs have the ability to improve the self-cure ability of damaged kidney cells. When impaired kidney cells are repaired, the kidney function will improve naturally.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine is the development of Chinese Herbal Medicine which is designed to treat various Kidney Diseases. It takes effects faster than Chinese Herbal Medicine due to the help of advanced osmosis machines. In addition, because of its external form, there shows no side effects, which makes the therap a good choice for children.

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