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Treatment for Fluctuating Blood Pressure in CKD

High blood pressure is a common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. And fluctuating is not strange for patients. This articles talks about several treatments for this symptoms.

Irrational medicine

Diuretic is a common medicine for lowering high blood pressure. However, if the patients with Kidney Disease take too high dosage of diuretic or do not decrease its dosage properly, it may cause too much fluid to be lost, which will lead to decreased blood volume. Afterwards, the blood pressure will decrease. Therefore, the patients with Kidney Disease should take diuretic under their doctor’ guidance and should not increase or decrease its dosage blindly.

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is suggested for it deals with both Fluctuating Blood Pressure and underlying kidney problems by improving kidney functions. And as it uses natural herbs, it causes no side effects on patients.


We all know that the patients with Kidney Disease have limited restriction on their diet. However, many patients do not follow up the doctors’ diet recommendation. When their blood pressure rises, they have to increase the blood pressure medication to lower it. This will certainly have enormous influence on blood pressure and cause fluctuating blood pressure. Therefore, the patients with Kidney Disease should follow their doctors’ suggestions and develop a healthy dietary habit.


In hemodialysis, the patients need blood circulation out of body so it is very susceptible to affect the haemodynamics resulting in fluctuating blood pressure. In this case, the patients should tell their doctors at once and adjust the dialysis machine properly. Moreover, if the dialysis is performed excessively, it will lead to dehydration. Therefore, the blood volume decreases and blood pressure rises. In order to avoid dehydration, the doctors should calculate the patients’ dry weight before dialysis. Also the patients should prepare a weighing scale to weigh them regularly.

If you happen to suffer from Fluctuating Blood Pressure, you are suggested to have a talk with your doctors and find the right treatment for your conditions, because every condition is different. If you need help, you can leave us a message below.

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