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How to Improve Grade 2 Nephropathy in Hypertension

How to Improve Grade 2 Nephropathy in HypertensionGrade two kidney disease, serum creatinine level 2-5mg/dl, is a stage before kidney failure. With a complication of hypertension, it can develop very fast. How to improve grade 2 nephropathy in hypertension is of great importance for kidney disease patients.

What will happen in grade 2 nephropathy?

When in grade 2 nephropathy, it means your kidney function is less than 50%, and some complications will occur.

Swelling, which can be easily recognized, will be a sign of kidney damage.

Protein urine and blood urine will also occur at this stage, but it only can be found in the microscope.

What treatment can be used to improve grade 2 nephropathy in hypertension?

Foot Bath

Foot Bath is one of the characteristic treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. And it plays an important role in our characteristic treatments.

The foot bath is based on the thermal effect, hot water treatment, chemical effect and the use of drugs and medicine fumigation steam to dredge the Bong, scattered cold, penetration of bones, Qi and blood. It can enhance cardiovascular function, improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, eliminate sub-health, and improve the body immune system. The effect of medicated foot bath therapy is the selection of appropriate drugs and put their liquid into warm water, and then let the foot with liquid medicine bath. It can make ion in the warm water penetrate into human blood circulation and human body organs to prevent and cure the disease. It can reduce swelling and improve kidney function, which can reduce protein and blood cell in the urine. It is a natural therapy, all the medicine is absorbed from natural medical herbs, which means there is no side effect, and it will not cause any harm to patients’ body.

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