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How to Stop CKD

How to Stop CKDChronic kidney disease, CKD as its short name, means the kidney damage develops and lasts for more than 3 months in a person. With no good control, CKD will develop into Kidney Failure eventually. How to stop CKD has already been a hot issue among patients with kidney disease.

How to Stop CKD?

There is no cure of CKD. And it is hard to stop CKD. If you aim to cease this disease, you need to make a systemic medical treatment plan which involves both medical methods and lifestyle changes. Here are some related information for your reference.


Immunotherapy can help cease and control the disease for most Kidney Disease, as many as 95% of them is immune-related kidney damage. In normal conditions, the immune system helps fight against the virus from outside and prevent the body from virus attack.

However, in people with immune disorder, the immune system cannot function well the eliminate the virus in body. As a result, virus will flow in the blood and when it deposits in the kidneys, kidney damage occurs.

Immunotherapy helps reverse the damaged immune system which uses the new immune system to fight against the kidney disease.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine is a new development of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is not a traditional oral drugs, but an external application. It collects the specific herbs powders into herbal pocket and with the help of osmosis machine, the herbal ingredients will be carried into the kidney tissues by permeation.

This therapy helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions, which will help delay the progression of CKD.

Medicated Bath

Medicated bath is also an application which based on hot bath. The herbs juice is added in hot bath water. And with permeation, the herbal ingredients take effects through skin.

Food Therapy

Food Therapy is passionate about guiding people to good kidney health through making good choices with food, and offers expert advice in kidney management, food allergies and general health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes play an important role. Most kidney disease patients live with a low immunity. Any bad living habits may trigger the progression of CKD. You are suggested to avoid alcohol, smoking, strenuous exercise, cold or infection etc.

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