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Kidney Disease: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ketosteril

Kidney Disease: The Advantages and Disadvantages of KetosterilKetosteril is a common medicine for various kidney problems. It helps relieve your symptoms while takes side effects at the same time. Read on and find the advantages and disadvantages on kidney disease patients.


Ketosteril along with low protein intake can correct the carbohydrate metabolism disorder. It can reduce insulin resistance, increase energy and relieve hyperinsulinemia. Therefore, Ketosteril is quit suitable for the patients with Chronic Renal Insufficiency, especially those caused by type 2 Diabetes.

Ketosteril can increase the supplement of necessary amino acid and reduce the intake of amino nitrogen. It can utilize the nitrogen in unnecessary amino nitrogen to convert to amino acid so as to decline the synthesis of urea and accumulation of uremic toxins. Therefore, Ketosteril can keep the patients’ protein needs even if they reduce the protein in their diet.

Ketosteril can correct lipid metabolism disorder and improve endocrinopathy.

When the patients take Ketosteril, they need to keep low non-animal protein intake which can reduce the phosphorus. Meanwhile, Ketosteril also contain calcium. Therefore, Ketosteril can correct the metabolic disorder of phosphorus and calcium. In addition, Ketosteril can produce insoluble calcium- phosphate which can prevent the absorption of phosphorus.


Taking Ketosteril needs the patients to limit the animal protein intake strictly so it can reduce the sources of phosphorus from foods.

Also it can restrain the absorption of phosphorus by intestinal tract. Therefore, it is very likely to cause the calcium in blood to rise thus resulting in hypercalcemia which can cause multiple systems like digestive system, urinary system and renal tubule etc.

If hypercalcemia occurs, the patients are recommended to reduce vitamin D supplement.

If the blood calcium level keeps high persistently, they should reduce Ketosteril dosage and other substance with calcium. Therefore, it is very essential for the patients to measure their blood calcium level regularly.

The high levels of metabolic products like creatinine, urea etc are caused by the decreased renal excretion function. As the kidneys are impaired, they can not function well as before.

However, Ketosteril can restrain the urea production so as to decline levels of creatinine and BUN. However, it can not restore the impaired kidneys at all. With the further deterioration of renal function, more and more metabolic wastes will build up in body. If so, the creatinine and BUN levels will increase again and Ketosteril will not be effective in controlling their levels.

Ketosteril may be a necessary therapy to kidney disease symptoms, but to control the underlying kidney damages, it takes no good effects. Other treatments, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, immunotherapy can your alternative option.

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