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Natural Treatment for Shrunk Kidney 7*3.46*2.49 cm

Natural Treatment for Shrunk Kidney 7*3.46*2.49 cmNormally, every person has two kidneys, which are usually 10-12cm in length, 5-6cm in width and 3-4cm in thickness. So, kidney 7*3.46*2.49 cm is much smaller than the normal. Then, patients must want to find natural treatment to deal with their kidney shrinkage.

The underlying cause of shrunk kidney

In clinic, kidney shrinkage can be caused by many disorders such as congenital renal dysplasia and end stage renal disease. If it is caused by congenital renal dysplasia, it is difficult to save patients’ kidneys. However, if it is due to end stage renal disease, the onset of kidney shrinkage must be caused by lack of blood and oxygen supplement for inherent kidney cells. Once the link between kidneys and blood circulation is disturbed, inherent kidney cells become damaged or even necrotic gradually.

How to deal with shrunk kidney 7*3.46*2.49 naturally?

According to the above cause, we would like to recommend some methods that can help nourish impaired kidney cells and refresh shrunk kidneys. “Four Ones” Therapy is one good choice to improve patients’ kidney condition. This therapy consists of four aspects.

- Maikang Mixture: It is one Chinese patent medicine that can help improve blood circulation and regulate the internal environment, so this medicine is suggested to boost kidney shrinkage patients’ health condition.

- Oral Chinese Medicine: Quite a number of Chinese medicines have the property of nourishing inherent kidney cells and prompting the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells, so kidney function can increase gradually.

- External application of Chinese medicine: There are several types of externally applied Chinese medicines that can help strengthen the therapeutic effects of Chinese medicines and boost patients’ overall health condition.

- Foot Bath: As described by doctors of TCM, Foot Bath can help stimulate acupoints which are responsible for kidneys, so kidney condition can be boosted.

If you want to use this therapy to save your shrunk kidneys, you can consult the doctor online or leave a message below.

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