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Kidney Disease Relapses Easily with Decline of Steroid Dosage

Kidney Disease Relapses Easily with Decline of Steroid DosageRecently, I browse many medical histories and find one phenomenon: many kidney disease patients' disease will relapse when steroids decline to 3 or 4 tablets. Why? What should we do?

To find the answer, I consult Director Jia who tells me this is associated with steroid's action principle.

The steroid's effect is to anti-inflammation. From the point of western medicine, kidney damage is caused by inflammatory reactions. This damage includes the increase of kidney cells' permeability, leading protein to leak out. Therefore, in western medicine, steroid is often used to treat kidney disease especially proteinuria.

The applied method of steroid

The use of steroid is to take it enough and then decline the dosage gradually. Different doctors use different reduction methods, but the general principle is that every time reduces one over ten of the last time's total dosage, and each dosage should keep at least 2-3 weeks. When it declines to less than 3 tables, it should maintain at least one month.

Why does kidney disease relapse during the reduction of steroid dosage?

This should be introduced from steroid's action mechanism. The main steroid function is to anti-inflammation, and its effect is quick and obvious especially for glomerular inflammation. However, as steroid dosage declines, it is unable to inhibit inflammatory reactions.

What should we do when kidney disease relapses?

The simplest method is to reduce their dosage again from the dosage before relapsing. For example, if patients' kidney disease recurs with 3 tablets, they should reduce it from 4 tablets. If their recurrence is due to cold, the dosage may need to increase more.

Besides, patients can also use Chinese medicine. The principle of Chinese medicine is to remove toxins from the body, dredge the channel, remove stasis and nourish the blood. That is to say, eliminate immune complexes, improve renal ischemic and anoxia condition, and recover renal function.

If you are suffering from relapse of kidney disease, you can ask help from the doctor online and arrange an effective treatment plan.

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