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How to Get Energy When Tired in CKD

How to Get Energy When Tired in CKDWith the progression of chronic kidney disease, patients may feel tired or fatigue easily. Then, patients must want to get more energy quickly. How to overcome kidney disease patients' tiredness?

When kidneys are unable to play their function normally, patients need to follow a restricted diet plan. In this condition, CKD patients' tiredness is more likely to be due to accumulation of waste products, renal anemia and unhealthy eating habits.

Based on these causes, nephrologists from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital give out the following suggestions.

1. Follow a scientific diet plan

The basic dietary principles for kidney patients are not increasing the burden on kidneys and meeting the body's need. In addition to low sodium and low protein, patients should also pay attention to several other tips.

- Choosing high-quality protein as the protein supplement

- Eating more foods rich in iron which can stimulate the production of red blood cells

- Not skipping any meal

- Following a "sick day eating" when patients don't want to eat

- Consulting the healthcare team to eat a snack at bedtime

2. Take correct medications

If patients' tiredness is due to renal anemia, they will be suggested to take one drug called erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA). This can prompt the body to make enough red blood cells and treat renal anemia. Then, patients' fatigue can be alleviated a lot.

3. Do exercise regularly

Doing moderate and gentle exercise regularly can help improve patients' appetite and increase their energy level effectively. Besides, exercise is also able to help regulate patients' blood pressure and blood sugar.

4. Cleanse the blood timely

The buildup of waste products may also decline patients' energy level. From this point, it is quite necessary to cleanse their blood effectively. Blood purification, enema therapy, medicated bath, cycle therapy, and so on, can help purify the blood, so as to increase the lifespan of red blood cells and provide enough blood and oxygen for functioning cells.

What's more, some therapies that can help repair damaged kidney cells are needed to improve patients' kidney condition.

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