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Can Apitherapy Help Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

Can Apitherapy Help Treat Chronic Kidney DiseaseApitherapy, also called bee therapy, is one treatment that uses honeybee products, such as pollen, venom, honey, bee glue, etc, for treating various disorders. At present, Chronic Kidney Disease affects many people's health condition. Can apitherapy help treat CKD?

What is apitherapy?

In China, this therapy has a long-time history applied to treat various disorders. Among the above honeybee products, honey is used most widely. Apitherapy combines the theory of bee needle liquid and acupuncture.

Can apitherapy treat kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease progresses slowly. With the decline of kidney function, patients will suffer from more and more symptoms and problems. Then, some honeybee products do help to manage some kidney disease symptoms. For example:

Bee Honey: It contains more than 70% of fructose and glucose. Besides, it also has various types of vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, hormones, constant element and trace element. Honey is good for patients with liver, kidney or cardiovascular disease. For kidney patients, honey can improve patients' immune ability and fight against renal anemia.

Bee Pollen: According to the resent research, the content of protein and sugar is more than 50% in bee pollen, and it contains rich unsaturated fatty acid that can provide enough linoleic acid and linolenic acid for the body. More importantly, pollen has a variety of bioactivators like enzyme, yellow ketone compounds, hormones, immune protein and calmodulin. All of these can strengthen the body's anti-stress capability.

Bee glue: This product is often used to treat gastrointestinal tract disorders, relieve patients' pain, and prevent bacterial infections and inflammations.


From the above analysis, we can know apiterapy is indeed helpful to manage kidney problems. However, only depending on this therapy is unable to treat chronic kidney disease from the root. If kidney patients want to get recovery from kidney disease, they should also accept some other therapies that can help repair impaired kidney cells and improve kidney function.

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