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Home Remedies for Renal Parenchymal Disease

Home Remedies for Renal Parenchymal DiseaseHome remedies for renal parenchymal disease seek to prevent further damage to renal parenchyma and protect the residual kidney functioning tissues. Compared with medical therapies, home remedies won’t cause any side effect, even though they can’t play their function as quickly as medical therapies.

Renal parenchyma is the kidney functioning part, so diseased renal parenchyma is more likely to cause various symptoms and complications such as high blood pressure, high potassium level, proteinuria, muscle cramps, skin itching, and so on. Home remedies just can help manage these problems.

1. Do gentle exercise at least 3 times one week

Regular exercise can help regulate blood pressure effectively that is able to slow down the progression of kidney disease. Besides, it is also good way to improve patients’ immune ability, so as to reduce the risk of infections and cold.

2. Eat foods that can help improve kidney function

It is reported that foods rich in antioxidant and unsaturated fatty acid can help protect kidney functioning tissues and protect damaged kidney cells to some extent. In view of this, patients with renal parenchymal disease are recommended to eat more of these foods such as berries, cherries, onion, cabbage, flaxseed and so on.

3. Accept Medicated Bath or Foot Bath at home

Medicated bath is the whole body bath, while foot bath, as it name indicates, mainly focuses on feet. Both of these two remedies can boost the blood circulation all over the body as well as kidneys. Therefore, kidneys can get more blood and oxygen for inherent kidney cells.

4. Take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

After a period of hospitalization, patients can also take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy at home. With the doctor’s guidance, this therapy is easy to handle that can rebuild kidney structure.

If you want to try these home remedies, you can ask help from the doctor here. Therefore, kidney doctors can make you take these therapies correctly.

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