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Chronic Kidney Failure: Say Bye to Dialysis Now

Dialysis is a common choice for chronic kidney failure. Actually, it is not the best choice for patients. However, it becomes the only choice, except Kidney Transplant, to many patients. Now, you may have a chance to say bye to dialysis and start a new life.

In recent years, with the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is introduced to treat many Kidney Diseases. This offers a chance for patients with Chronic Renal Failurecan say bye to dialysis.

Dialysis is a main replacement therapy for kidney disease patients and it plays a vital role in improving their life quality and extending life span. However, dialysis has no meaning in improving renal function at all.

The healthy kidneys can discharge the metabolic products out of body, maintain electrolytes balance and secrete necessary hormones. However, dialysis can only take a partial kidney function. It can only discharge the small molecular wastes products from blood, but the macromolecular and middle-molecular substance still remain in body. Moreover, dialysis does not have secretion or regulation functions. That is why the patients usually have anemia and electrolytes disorder.

Chronic Renal Failure is attributable to necrosis and impairment of functional nephrons in kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proven to be effective to improve the self-cure of damaged organs and tissues restoration. It has been applied to treat various diseases such as Diabetes, lupus, HSP, and various Kidney Diseases etc.

In treating Chronic Renal Failure, Micro-Chinese Medicine can promote blood circulation and improve the self-cure of damaged renal intrinsic cells. This helps to repair the damaged functional nephrons so as to retrieve the normal renal function. So the kidneys will be able to filter blood normally as before.

Up to now, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been performed to people from many countries such as the USA, Italy, and Germany etc. Our therapy helped to prolong the life and improve life quality of thousands of patients with refractory kidney diseases who lose hope for recovery.

If you have lost confidence about your present therapy, you may call us to know more information about this innovative therapy. Contact number: US 001-909-895-6253  AU 0061-02-8373-6766 Contact Email:

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