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Is There Any Treatment to Reduce Dialysis Frequency

Is There Any Treatment to Reduce Dialysis FrequencyWhen you start dialysis, its dose and frequency will be a hot issue in your treatment. Dialysis helps remove the waste products in Kidney Failure patients and alleviate the symptoms. However, as it only works as an replacement of kidneys, but not as repairman of kidneys, you have to live with it every week or even every day.

What's worse, when dialysis works to remove the waste products, the damaged kidneys are left uncultivated. They are more like a “waste land”, so the remaining kidney function will lose fast. As a result, you will be more likely to depend on dialysis. This is why dialysis frequency increases as the dialysis treatment applies.

In addition, some patients may feel the complications and troubles that dialysis brings to their life, such as dizziness, faint, shortness of breath and even a sudden death.

Then, how to reduce dialysis frequency?

As the dialysis does the work as kidneys do, the key to reduce dialysis is on kidney reparation. As long as the kidneys become fresher and not was left alone any morecan the kidney service again gradually.

What treatment can help improve the damaged tissues and organs?

Compared with the western chemical drugs, the traditional oriental medicine seems more promising for patients.

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes many forms, such as Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy and Cupping etc. In the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a holistic effect is necessary. This is why many patients explain that they get additional alleviation, such as good memory, qualified sleep and better mental movement after the natural treatment.

More important, there are many herbs are commonly used to repair the damaged internal tissues by promoting the blood circulation in the damaged tissues. When blood circulation is stimulated, more blood and oxygen can be carried to the damaged tissues and improve the self-cure. This is the secret why your damaged kidneys can be reversed.

However, not all damaged kidneys can be reversed by traditional Chinese medicine. After a complete diagnosis of your personal condition, the herbalist can figure out whether you can be an candidate for Chinese Herbal Medicine. And the herbal formula that is prescript for you will be the myth of a good outcome in Kidney Disease and dialysis frequency.

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