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Can Dialysis Reduce the High Creatinine Level in Kidney Disease Stage 4

A: My uncle has kidney disease stage 4. He has been in control of his doctor and the doctor has changed his medicine of pressure so it is controlled now. But he has having pain in his body plus he doesn't have the energy to walk or to sit he is feeling drowsy. Can you tell me about the dialysis if it reduces the creatinine level? will it be later controlled with the medicines? please provide me some information about dialysis i will be waiting. Thanks

Q: Thanks for your inquiry. I know you are worried to know the answer. And i tried to make it in brief.

1 His weakness may have something to do with the reduced HB, you can check it to see whether it is low. If the patient has pale face and no energy and weakness, it may have something to do with that.

2 I am not so sure which part does he have pain or its severity, intermittent or persistent? it is better to figure out the reason since if it is the infection, it is not so good to start the dialysis at once. I think your doctor will consider that.

3 If your uncle's creatinine is still very high, he needs to take the dialysis. There are two types: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. If your father's heart does not work well, peritoneal dialysis would be more proper. But it also has the risk of infection since it is internal one. Hemodialysis will be more adopted since it is more effective in lowering down the creatinine. If it is sufficient, the creatinine will be reduced to half after some time. It is external one. The blood will be subtracted to machine, after filtration, the blood will be back to body.

Although dialysis can help him to lower down the creatinine, but it is not the final and best choice, in western medicine, after some time of dialysis, the doctor suggest kidney transplant. Based on one research lanched by American institute, the morality of 5 years' dialysis is 70%. Hence it is a temporal measure.

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